About Me

Hi there. My name is Krissada Dechokul. My nickname is Boat. I'm a web developer/designer born in Thailand with a B.Sc. in the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology(ICT) from Mahidol University, 2009. After graduation, I worked as a GIS programmer at ESRI (Thailand) Co.,Ltd. for 2 years and a month, responsible for developing web-based GIS applications for customers based on requirements and specifications.

I have a passion for creating useful yet easy-to-use things that people want to use everyday. I'm currently interested in user experience design and mobile application development.

Love reading about technology Tech, IT, Internet, gadgets, reviews, science, networking, security, programming, etc. I love to read all those things.

Love trying new things I love to explore more, try more, and learn new things because I know that there are tons of things out there that I still don't know yet.

Love using things that're simple I believe that things should be made simple and easy-to-use. Using things that were carefully designed is my pleasure.

Enjoy my iPhone The iPhone really has changed the way we interact with mobile phone. In fact, it made me interested in mobile application development.


Programming Skills

The following diagram represents my programming skills categorized into 2 different platforms, Web and Native platform.

Technical Skills

The following tag cloud represents technologies that I also be able to work with based on my working experiences and education.

Personal Projects

The following projects were created personally aiming to solve problems and streamline web development projects as I worked as a programmer. I will create webpages for introducing them later by the next update of this website.